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Dan's Den of Paint!!
Blood Bowl Mini's
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THE fatboy of Blood Bowl!

So here are some of My Blood Bowl teams. The Chaos an dElves are sold, and I still have a Dark Elf team to get pictures of. Hope you all enjoy and remember....Blood Bowl is a good game, and even better with beer!

Here comes Chaos!!

Beastmen for a Chaos BB team

Borak and some of the boys (I wonder if they party after the game?)

I love the Stuntie Beastman!

Borak and my star thrower

A Minotaur team?!?!

The Bovine Beastiies....

The leader of the Beasties!

Non-GW, but still great for a Minatour team!!!

The Anklebiters!
These guys are now up for sale or trade for a Foundry Viking army. I am looking at getting around $125 for them all! Also included are 3 Night Goblins painted for this team.

What GOblin team would play without a bunch of ugly Trolls!

Couple of more uglies for the front line!

All these guys have their uses!

The Panzieeez!

Elf Blitzer and Thrower

Elf linemen and catcher

The whole blasted team!