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Dan's Den of Paint!!
Fantasy minatures

I find it hard to NOT paint general fantasy figures! There is just such a great range now.

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My buddy!

I was thinking of a prison Etin whrn I did the spider web tats!

This guy was a real bear to paint. I really liked the look of the fig and I wanted to give him his due justice. He ended up being a bad boy Ettin with all the tattoo's. I learned later that I could have used any of a number of ink pens instead of painting them with a VERY fine brush and loads of patience! Live and learn....

What a great pose for a mini!!!

I have never really known in just what game to use this guy in. I have used him as a Goblin assassin in Chronopia, but I have always wanted to strap on few extras and make him a Necromunda figure.....

A new mini. I think he came out all right.

This guy one me a local contest years ago!

The ole' from behind shot!

So popular with the ladies is this monster!

I just love Earth Elementals. So fun to  paint!

A close-up of Stoney

My little Doom puppy!