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Dan's Den of Paint!!
Khorne Marines
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Here is the Khorne Bikers that I have done right now. More to follow.....

My Khorne bike squad.

Khorne biker doing his thing

Just another day at the office....

The whole time I was painting this guy I kept thinking he was yelling...."Get back here!"

The Big Boys!

My regular commnder

Kharn and my Standard Bearer

Abadon and a Tzeentch sorcerer of old

My bike squad leader

This is an older bike, but these minor conversions make fora great theme army!

Khorne Terminators!!!

Da boss and one of his Khorne croonies!

A view of some Khorne laddies!

Don't use these guys much but they are pretty!


The big nasty!!

Possessed Marines

The Boss! Khorne boys workout ya know....

I went for the dirty and ugly look on these guys!

I think they came out looking good, well bad but good!