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Dan's Den of Paint!!
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Arbite Judge and the squads Grenade Launcher

I LOVE Necromunda!!! I am very hopeful that Games Workshop will bring it back some day. Which, I should say, I think they shall.

So right now I'll just post my Esher ladies. But there will be more to follow....

Esher Girls!

My gang's leader and her two favorite bodyguards

One of my Esher Heavies with her Juve support

Shotguns rock in Necro!

Pink is my daughters color!

Bullet catchers, juves what's the difference?

Power fist and Leopards skins!

From Warzone to Necromunda!

Again, from Warzone to Necromunda

Heavy stubber with an attitude

Too bad she's sold....

Never paint after watching Disney movies!

She's gone too. Pitty really!

2 Swords, means she watns to be bossy!

The Pit Slaves!!

Da Boss! A hand-to-hand MONSTER!

This old GW figure got a new foot, new hand and a whole new arm! NOW he's a real Pit Slave!

An Esher gone to the Slaves!

Big Blue he's called "Clip" by his friends!

A rock drill means bad things!

"Flattop" here used to a Super Hero from Champions. Now he's the newest member of my Pit Slave gang!

The Gang's Techno, don't leave the Hive without one!

Gotta love the 'Craw!!'

The sickening sound of the Buzz saw! THE Pit Slave weapon of choice!

Da Bad Boyz!

Scum and Villany!

It's Wyrds around here!

Elvis has nothing on this guy!

Not officially a Wyrd but I like to use him for one!

Those Special Hive people!

Found this guy on eBay, I regret not buying him every day!!!

The Hunters!!

Spidey? No a Malcadon!

AJakara on the move!

Yellow means CAUTION!

I'm big, I'm bad.....I'm GREEN!?!?!

Fly me fly me away.......