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Dan's Den of Paint!!
Chronopia mini's

WOO HOO!!! Looks like Chronopia is coming back!!! I could not be happier. Here's another press release just for proof!

The Miniatures Page

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Check out Mr. Muscles!!!

The big fat boy of any Blackblood army!

Ogre Heavy Infantry Swordmaster and a regular Ogre

Ogre Heavy Infantry Standard Bearer, a bad, BAD mother.....

This is actually a Heartbreaker figure but I have always loved him!

When playing Blackbloods you MUST include one of these guys!

I use these little fellas as my Alchemists bodyguard!

A nice model and essential to that all cav army!

Wanna be a Blackblood player? You HAVE to have one of these.....

Assualt Warriors with banner carrier

Assault Warriors with thier leader

My little Romans!

Gotta love an all Cav army!