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Dan's Den of Paint!!
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Welcome to my minature album! Here you will see all my goodies! There are mini's here from all over the gaming universe! Let me know if you enjoy, as I hope you will....

So you found my little corner of the web huh?? Well glad to see you here! I find refuge and solace in painting very cool miniatures! I hope you like what you see, if you do like what you see then feel free to email me and let me know. I would love to hear from you.....

On this page, I hope to not only show you my painted mini's but also show how I better my own painting techniques, and perhaps even how you can better your own. If I figure out this crazy hobby first that is!


Well again, I have finally found time to not just paint but to take some pictures! I have added to both the Khorne and Chronopia sections, even got a picture of something new I am working on. Let me know what you think, I hope you enjoy!

Well I have been able to maintain some painting and even had time to take some pictures. I hope you like some of the new figures, they are kinda all over, some Fantasy, a couple Blood Bowl and even a few Necromunda.

I have almost all the Esher ladies from Necromunda and I have even begun to branch out a bit and paint other female gun totting lasses!


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